Our Services

Our Services

  • ADA Facility Accessibility Surveys (Title II and III) using custom Survey Solutions Software (c) - Barriers, citations, recommended solutions, itemized budget costs.
  • Transition Plans / Implementation Plans / Strategies - Required for existing buildings by 1993 under the ADA Title II.
  • Accessibility Design Reviews (Plan Reviews) for ADA, FHA, Code, UFAS, & statutory compliance of preliminary designs and construction documents. We have saved owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential design errors and reduced architect and owner liability. This is a very cost effective service.
  • Accessibility Construction Site Observation Services
  • Due Diligence Surveys
  • Accessibility and Technical Training
  • Testifying Expert & Litigation ConsultingServices - We support entities who receive complaints, and also have been consultants to USDOJ and HUD for ADA and FHA.
  • Universal Design and Construction Documents Consulting
  • Product Development Accessibility Reviews
  • Outdoor Recreation Area Accessibility - ADA required compliance for which technical standards are not fully developed or adopted yet by the Access Board.

Why you may need Accessibility Consulting Services

  • Under Title III of the ADA, providing accessibility is usually not a one-time effort. Based upon what is "readily achievable," the law requires owners of public accommodations to improve accessibility over time as funds are available.
    The law is over 30 years old, and some owners have yet to assess their facilities. Moreover, as owners have moved past an initial assessment stage, they are faced with practical issues of making their facilities accessible.
  • Accessibility is one of many parts of due diligence performed when purchasing or refinancing a building. Poor accessibility decreases the value of a building.
  • Your business has had a complaint filed against you for non-compliance with the ADA or FHA. In some states, such as California, there can be significant penalties beyond the ADA, such as California's $4,000 per occurrence per day.
  • The ADA requires public entities to make their programs accessible, which includes facility accessibility.
  • Multi-unit housing falls under HUD’s Fair Housing Act as amended in 1988, which has complex requirements for accessibility for all buildings of four or more unit built for first occupancy after March 13, 1991.
  • New buildings must be accessible under ADA, FHA & Building Code. Architects and other design professionals, who often are not fully knowledgeable about the complexities of the laws, should consider an Accessibility Design Review of their preliminary drawings and construction documents, to reduce liability.

Solution: Endelman & Associates PLLC

Providing the right answers to your questions. Endelman & Associates PLLC is in a unique position of providing judgment that comes from exceptional experience in the ADA, architecture, state regulations & codes (31 states and counting), and accessibility issues.

We do not work in the same way as accessibility advocacy groups do. We provide objective interpretations of the laws.

  • Extensive Experience - E&A has been responsible for over 500 million sq. ft. of Facility Accessibility Surveys and accessible design for significant corporate and public sector clients for over 30 years. We have managed barrier removal construction at over 600 facilities. We have served over 1000 clients.
  • National and Regional Clients - Clients range from corporate clients such as Equity Residential Properties to public entities like King County, WA to architects such as GGLO Architects to small commercial building owners. E&A works with:
    • Architects / Attorneys / Contractors / Owners / Public Entities
    • Risk Managers / Facility Managers / Real Estate Specialists
    • Corporations / Developers / Enforcing Agencies /
    • Representatives of the Disabled Community and Individuals
  • Custom Database Tools - E&A has unique Survey Solutions™ Software that enables clients to benefit from higher quality ADA Surveys cost effectively. All ADA Surveys are not the same. See Why!
    Most other Surveys we have seen provide you only a checklist of barriers; a few provide generic solutions and maybe a very coarse total cost. E&A's ADA Surveys provide what you need to know to budget, scope further design, and start implementing barrier removal.
  • Survey Solutions™ Web Based Software - A client can license our custom application with all our survey data, that enables clients to add status fields to track progress of their barrier removal program and print a myriad of reports.
  • Licensed Architect / Insured - We are accessibility specialists and licensed Architects with General and Professional Liability insurance coverage.
  • California CASp Certificate - Michael Schneider, Bart Sanderson, and Steve Dombrowski - For some California projects that may require this certification.