Our Team

E&A has assembled a highly-accomplished team of accessibility specialists, who come from strong architectural and project management backgrounds.  We understand the details and the big picture to help you manage risk.  You will find experience and dedication to client service from all of us.

Meet us below:

Mr. Schneider has an extensive architectural background, with over 30 years Project Management experience which he applies to all his work at E&A. In addition, he has multiple years of experience working specifically with various Building Codes, Accessibility Compliance and technical issues.

Associate, Technical Director

Mr. Sanderson has an architectural background, and has extensive (seven years) Americans with Disabilities Act Survey experience. He is an experienced project manager. His ADA Survey experience includes participation in surveys as large and complex as the University of Arizona, which has 10 million square feet of facilities.

Associate, Senior Accessibility Consultant
ICC Accessibility Inspector / Plans Examiner


Associate, Senior Accessibility Consultant
Texas Registered Accessibility Specialist
California Certified Access Specialist (CASp)

Mr. Dombrowski is an experienced architect with over 10 years’ experience, three of which were as an architect at GGLO and three at KMD.  His experience includes his role as project architect / technical architect, significant field and construction contract administration experience, as well as project and team management experience.

Senior Accessibility Consultant

Mr. Adams has managed large complex projects in the US and across Europe, and he brings his expertise in code analysis and interpretation to E&A.

Senior Accessibility Consultant

Ms. Freegard has been a licensed architect for nearly 30 years and working in the field for over 40 years. She has worked for Thomas Hacker Architects, Dull Olson Weeks Architects, Bailey Edward Architects and was one of three partners at MCA Architects.

Senior Accessibility Consultant
ICC Accessibility Inspector / Plans Examiner

David Machemer is a licensed architect with over 30 years

Architect, CASp, San Diego, CA - Subconsultant

Mr. Bishop has known Mr. Endelman personally and professionally for over twenty-five years, and worked with Mr. Endelman on accessibility projects both with Endelman & Associates PLLC and Heery International Inc for over nine years. Paul L.

Accessibility Consultant

Ms. Galicia has been an architect for nearly 20 years and was a Project Architect with Weber Thompson for 8 years prior to joining E&A.  She also worked for ARC Architects, Seattle for 9 years.

Business Manager

Ms. Frandsen has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and as an Office Manager. She has been with Endelman & Associates for over 12 years, where she oversees the Administrative staff, Accounting, Contracts, Report Distribution, Insurance, Facilities Management, Human Resources, and keeping the office as organized as possible. 

Accessibility consultant
ICC Accessibility Inspector / Plan Examiner

Ms. Meldrum is an experienced architect with over 30 years’ experience. The majority of her work has been hands on, in the field during construction.  Her Construction Administrator position at Streeter & Assoc.