ADA-FHA-Code Training

ADA-FHA-Code Training

One of the Best Practices that many of our clients elect, is having E&A do training of key staff to help ensure compliant design, construction, renovation, and barrier removal programs.  This is a very cost effective way to focus your staff on the importance and details of accessibility compliance as a proactive risk management approach.

The focus is on "Practical ADA-FHA-Code Accessibility", customized to meet your particular needs.  One part of our typical training is the "Dirty Dozen" accessibility issues - the most common and complex issues to comply with.  We clarify the different applications of all the standards, many of which need be complied with concurrently.

We have done training for:

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Public Entities
  • Construction personnel
  • Consent Decree settlement terms

Typical training includes a PowerPoint Presentation, and on the fly sketches on a white board or flip charts.  Questions and answers are highly encouraged.

Training can range from highly detailed and technical - 8 hours, to a shorter, essential technical training between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.  We will customize our seminar to meet your needs.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.