Name Description
Boulder Valley School District, CO

Forty-six school facilities

City of Bellevue

Phase I ADA Surveys of City facilities.

City of San Diego

Approx. 2 million s.f. of the City's facilities

City of Tacoma

ADA Survey and Transition Plan just starting.

City of Tacoma, WA

Contracted to perform ADA Surveys of 78 City Owned facilities in 2006.

County of Orange, CA

Approx. 2 million s.f. of public facilities - courts, jails, health care, social services, libraries, fire stations and administration

Cupertino Union School District, CA

Fifty-two school buildings

King County Division of Capital Planning & Development

Accessibility survey of 104 parks and trails. Phase I ADA Surveys of 21 King County Buildings - Ph. I & II.

Seattle School District

Sixty-five elementary, middle and high schools

Springfield School District, OR

ADA Surveys of 28 schools and administrative facilities in association with L.A. Kersh Architecture, Inc.

University of Arizona

10 million s.f. on the main and remote campuses

Client Testimonials

"Endelman & Associates’ expertise in accessibility issues was instrumental in developing an extensive database program that utilized accessibility laws, rules and guidelines from three different source…This knowledge and expertise, combined with their excellent organizational skills, was instrumental in completing one of the most comprehensive and forward looking documents produced for our office. This team was one of the most knowledgeable and professional I have had the pleasure to work with on any project. They were timely, thorough, and extremely competent in all of their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Jim Burt
Project Manager
King County Division of Capital Planning & Development

"…The report is exemplary. The completed report was a model of readability, thoroughness, and organization. It was arranged to make it equally useful to the architect, maintenance department, business department and overall administration. I recommend him without qualification."

Ellen Taussig
Head of School
The Northwest School

"The market buildings are hard to track for those of us that work here on a regular basis, and very challenging for all of our visitors…The survey was very thorough, and included suggestions of how to tackle the numerous complex issues that challenge an older historic facility…We would highly recommend Endelman & Associates for any ADA survey work due to their high level of skill in this area, and their professional attitude."

Rob Hyman
Capital Projects Coordinator
Pike Place Market

"I wanted to write this note of appreciation for the excellent job Endelman & Associates PLLC did in reviewing design development drawings…Not only did the review point out some areas where we had not fully met the complex, combined requirements of WAC, FHA and the ADA, but also the work was performed very quickly to accommodate our rush schedule. I found your report format thorough and easy to use…Please feel free to use me as a reference for your future work."

Michael S. Lyons
Development Manager (Retired)
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

"Thank you very much for all of your effort these past few years. It was really nice to work with someone that was not only there to do a job, but there to help as well. You made my job easier simply by being yourself. You were always fair and honest with me, and that’s what I appreciated the most. Thanks again Bill, I look forward to working with you in the future."

Scott Naccarato
Litigation Consulting
Cedar Development LLC

"Your appreciation of both the details of the Act, as well as the need to assess the technical issues in a broader context was of vital importance… Without your assistance, I strongly doubt that a fair settlement could have been achieved. This is for the simple reason that the theater’s legal counsel and insurer were unwilling to realistically asses the issues in this case. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Fred Diamondstone

“Thanks so much for your help on this. Once again, you have saved me from major heartburn, and I won't forget that as we go through the design of our next project.  We'll keep you posted on our progress.”

Brad Miller
Encore Multi-Family, LLC

"I am copying Bill on this message, although my words of praise will not adequately advise him about the ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT job you did on the phone today.  You explained every issue and answered every one of my questions (mostly idiotic, but maybe some that were okay) in a way not only that I understood, but in a way that explained the relationship between the matter and the rules in question and described the thought process that went into the report, which went far beyond a mere recitation of compliance requirements, but included the steps you and Bill took to provide common sense and well-reasoned remediation steps to achieve compliance without unnecessary waste of my Client's dollars.  I could not have asked for anything better than what I received today.  Thank you for your patience and your communication skills." - 

Paul Elkin
Paul Elkin
"Thank you very much for speaking at our class this morning. I've already received so much positive feedback from attendees.  It's a bit of a complicated subject but you seem to make it (and no pun intended) so accessible. My sincere thanks for making this such a successful event  and for helping AIA Seattle further our mission to provide quality education to our members. I hope we'll have the opportunity to hear you again soon."
Karoline A. Vass
Managing Director

“I have a strong confidence when Endelman & Associates is on our project team.  The code for accessibility and the interpretation of that code requires an expert and the team at Endelman provide that with proven experience.”

“Working with a consultant for accessibility not only requires someone who has a strong knowledge of the codes and how they will be interpreted, but also has the ability to work with us through our phases of design and into construction.  Their ability to understand our work and communicate clearly their review is critical as we progress from concept design to keys in the door.”

Kevin Johnson
GBD Architects Incorporated

"I just wanted to let you know that I think Soo is doing a great job! I am sure she has other projects on her plate, but I wouldn’t know it…She always answers within a day at most and provides clear, thoughtful, responses with back-up."

Karen Van Winkle
Director of Design
Carmel Partners

"That evaluation and interpretation is a masterpiece."


Matt Van Allen
GHC Housing Partners, LLC

"Bill and Michael: I cannot express enough the sincere gratitude of Trinsic Residential Group for the extraordinary professionalism and efforts of Steve Drombowski  in our Accessibility final on site review today. The template from Steve’s second observation proved to be an exceptional guideline for the team today in completing the review of our 150 unit project.Please provide Steve a robust “pat on the back”, he more than earned it today!"

Timothy G. Trachsel, MBA, AIC
Vice President
Construction Management

"We have worked with Endelman & Associates for over 7 years on various types of multifamily housing projects, including both market rate, affordable and mixed-used projects.  Their team has consistently provided excellent and responsive service and are our go to firm for expertise advice on critical and complex accessibility issues. Their ability to understand the nuances of accessibility regulations at both the state and federal level is an invaluable resource to our design teams and clients."

Marcial Chao
Pyatok Architects

"I have worked with Endelman & Associates on multiple multi-family projects over the past 14 years and have found their expertise in accessibility standard compliance to be invaluable. Even the most experienced architects appreciate the timely, thorough and comprehensive review they provide."

Jeff White
San Francisco, CA
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

"With a myriad of risks in multifamily construction having plan peer review and detailed site walks by Endelman and Associates who have a holistic and collaborative team approach has been of major benefit to not just plan completion but schedules and budgets."

William J. Leahy
LaTerra Development
Los Angeles, CA

"Endelman & Associates remains a reliable partner, advising our project teams and evaluating our project documents for conformance with applicable accessibility standards, through multiple project phases. They bring a solutions-based approach to assisting us in managing project risk, and we truly value the expertise they bring to our projects."

Sean Ludviksen
Seattle, WA

"Endelman and Associates is our accessibility consultant for the West Coast. The team is knowledgeable in federal and state codes, their reports are easy to understand, answers are easily obtained by a phone call or email. This team gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Thanks Endelman!"

Jason Bohannon

"Endelman & Associates is a fundamental part of our ADA – FHA design and quality control protocols. They are integral in assisting us with our design and construction processes by keeping all our team and consultants on a true North to 100% accessibility. Their deep understanding of both local, state, and federal code allows us to navigate an ever changing regulatory environment."

Sam Rodriguez
Portland, OR
Mill Creek Residential Trust (MCRT)

"Thank you for the unmatched support you and your firm have provided us over the past few years.  Your firm's prompt responses and dedicated professional staff truly resulted in an enjoyable working environment even on some of our most challenging and complex projects.  It's good to know that we can always depend on Endelman & Associates to back us up."

Design Partners Incorporated
Honolulu, HI
Design Partners Incorporated

"Onni Contracting (Washington) Inc. (Onni) has been working with Endelman & Associates PLLC (Endelman) since October 2016. Throughout the years, Endelman has been very professional but more importantly, responsive. Endelman has a mass understanding of all the requirements and provides Onni with advice / solutions in order to be compliant. We have a great working relationship with Endelman and have currently brought them on as ADA consultant for our new projects."

Reh Nazerali
Vancouver, BC
Onni Group

"Steve and Bart are instrumental in providing outstanding service to assure our building design and field operations are in ADA and FHA compliance.  This service has been invaluable to us in assuring continued success during the closing and turnover process of our multi-family projects.  We highly recommend Endelman & Associates."

Johnny Jones
Seattle, WA
Trammell Crow Residential