We're Open for Business

We're Open for Business

In compliance with the State of Washington’s stay-at-home order in response to COVID-19, Endelman & Associates PLLC has moved operations to our homes where we have full access to all projects.  We are especially equipped to conduct design phase reviews; currently local printers remain operational, and we can work with electronic plan files.

For construction phase services, we are restricted from providing onsite observations for any non-essential projects, until such time as sites are opened and travel restrictions are lifted.  We have already provided distance site observations using photographic files.  Protocols for virtual video tours are being developed.

Some of our clients have elected to engage us for accessibility training, taking advantage of idle capacity for education.  Here’s the course description:

FHA / ADA / Accessibility Code Training

Endelman & Associates will prepare for and perform FHA / ADA / Code Accessibility Training for key staff.  We will develop and present a training seminar on “Practical FHA / ADA / Accessibility Code Accessibility Compliance” for Client staff.  The seminar will be generally based upon the following Course Objectives and is intended to be a 2-hour class, including question and answer periods.  A PowerPoint presentation will be used, and handouts will be provided to Client for copying and distribution.

Course Objectives:

a) Define Accessibility Standards and their application including FHA, ADA, and applicable Building Code and accessibility technical provisions

b) Provide knowledge of key issues of the requirements of the FHA as Amended 1988, and technical standards per the recommended “safe harbor” of the FHA Design Manual for FHA Reqs. 3-7 (units), with referenced ANSI A117.1 - 2003 for FHA Reqs. 1-2 (common use)

c) Provide overview of some new issues of the requirements of the 2010 ADA Standards as compared to the original 1991 Standards (with ADA Accessibility Guidelines) as applicable to limited components at multi-unit housing projects

d) Identify and detail the dozen most common mistakes in design and construction regarding FHA / ADA / Accessibility Code compliance.  Show photographs of typical non-complying conditions and identify some common solutions for remediating compliance issues

e) Answer questions during and after the presentation


Please let us know how we can best serve you.  We are confident that we will survive this health crisis.  Our best wishes to you for your safety.

Michael B. Schneider, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CASp



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